Where horror and gore reign!

Hail to all you death/grinders!!! I’ m John, the editor of Lobotomy ‘zine.Two years ago my friend George and me decided to make a ‘zine with the name Greek Metal. We wanted to feature any kind of greek HC, thrash, death, grind bands.So,we made our first issue, whicn was made for fun. In the second issue the things went more serious and than we had our 3rd issue out. Six months after the release of the 3rd issue i decided to make my own ‘zine, to feature many death metal/grind bands and to put a good gore layout in it and tons of reviews.Tne reason I started this ‘zinasis that I wanted to make something for the music I love. In the beginning I had many problems, I couldn’t find a good shop to print my ‘zine,i didn’t have much free time, etc. Finally after 6 montns, I released the first issue. It contained some interviews witn bands like: Merciless,Thanatos,Asphyx, and many, many more as well as many articles and tons of reviews! And of course a deadly layout!! I still have many economical problems but I think and I’ll try to put out a 2nd issue much better than the first! If anyone out there can write for Lobotomy a scene report of his country, just do it now! I won’t rip anybody off! that’s all, the first issue is available for 3$. My adress John Georgakoudis/… Alexandroupolis/Greece

Here’s the new Genital Necrosis! This ‘zine is one of my favest from metal scene. 50 pages full of reviews, ints., etc. With lunatics like: Asphyx, Sickness, Rotting Christ, Necro Schizma, Merciless and tons more.

Αυτοπαρουσίαση και review από το Genital Grinder #2 (Δεκ. 1990)


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