Χαρντκοράδικο sXe ζιν από τον Φώτη, γραμμένο στ’ αγγλικά.

Take Your Shot is a print & online fanzine that started as a “hardcore fanzine” but actually covers more metal than hardcore (at least in the last few years). The zine has been active since 2004 not only as a music zine, but also as a researcher of various interests into hardcore and metal-related subcultures. These range from tattoos and asethetics to veganism and straight edge, as well as spiritual and philosphical matters.

Over the years, the goal of TxYxS has remained to promote an attitude of dedication, commitment and integrity (towards the underground and beyond). Therefore, one could say that even though our musical scope undoubtedly leans towards the heavier/metal side, our approach is essentially still that of a hardcore fanzine.

All of the contributors in this zine (regarding both the online and hard copy versions) have been involved with undergrounf music for a certain amount of time. However, we are open to contributions by people who have different musical backgrounds and who don’t necessarily have experience in writing for DIY publications. If you’re interested to know more or contribute something, hit us up @ takexyouxshot [at] yahoo [dot] com.

A few words about TxYxS writers
Fotis TxYxS is into all kinds of hardcore (old school, straight edge/youth crew, mosh, NYHC), death & black metal, as well as traditional thrash and punk. He also plays in My Turn (fast hc/punk band), runs Night Owl X records and publishes some other even more obscure than this blogs, i.e. Vegan Straight Edge Athens (link) and The Retrothrasher (link).
Rigas is a guy who specializes in post-hardcore, fastcore & grind, as well as brutal death metal and electronics/avant garde/noise. He shares his time between Athens, Austria, Lebanon (among other places) and he is also runs a community called Freegan Kolektiva (link).
Nick Tolis has a long background in hardcore and metal. In TxYxS he specializes in bringing us post metal/hardcore, noisy post stuff, beatdown HC & deathcore etc. He sends us posts from his hometown of Preveza in Western Greece.
Sergios T is another TxYxS contributor from Athens, and he is our death/black/thrash commando. He has a vast knowledge on all things extreme and plays bass in various underground extreme metal music projects in Athens.
Markos aka The Underdog is our newest member and a guy who will review only clean-cut hardcore and more melodic hardcore/punk, even though his music knowledge exceeds the aforementioned genres. He also drums for My Turn.


Tέσσερα τεύχη ως τώρα. Από το καλοκαίρι του 2013 το TxYxSx βρίσκεται σε επ’ αόριστον παύση.

  • Take Your Shot #1, 2004 (;)
  • Take Your Shot #2,
  • Take Your Shot #3,
  • Take Your Shot #4, Φεβρουάριος 2011 (300 αντίτυπα)

Reviews Τευχών

Take Your Shot #2

Hard hitting, straight on, hardcore style, it’s what we’re all about! Αυτό αναγράφεται στο εξώφυλλο του δεύτερου τεύχους του ασπρόμαυρου (πάντα) cut n’ paste (πάντα) hardcore (ξαναπάντα) T.Y.S fanzine από τα βόρεια της Αθήνας. Εξολοκλήρου γραμμένο στα αγγλικά, το zine αυτό στόχο έχει, όπως δηλώνει ο Φώτης, ο δημιουργός του (πέρα από την δεδομένη ευχαρίστηση που εμπερικλείει η ίδια η δημιουργία του), να καταγράψει ένα μέρος της διεθνούς hardcore σκηνής και να προωθήσει κάποιες ελληνικές μπάντες προς τα έξω. Εδώ θα βρείτε συνεντεύξεις με 100 demons, Vodka Juniors, Last Priest (πρώην Find Him And Kill Him), Vitamin X (στις 31 Μαϊου live στην Αθήνα, όλοι εκέι) D.R.I και FPO. Το σημαντικό και αξιόλογο στην όλη υπόθεση, πέρα από το πάθος και την αυθεντικότητα που διαπνέει, είναι το πολύ όμορφο ιδιαίτερα προσωπικό και ειλικρινές στυλ γραφής. Τόσο η εισαγωγή όσο και τα επίκαιρα άρθρα αποτελούν την ουσία εδώ, προωθούν μια άλλη νοοτροπία (αυτό θα πει hardcore fanzine παιδιά) και παίρνουν σαφή θέση πάνω σε ζητήματα της σκηνής ενώ και οι συνεντευξεις είναι άκρως διαφωτιστικές, όταν (φυσικά) η μπάντα έχει κάτι να πει, πράγμα που στην περίπτωση των 100 demons (φυσικά) δεν ισχύει. Κλείνω με λόγια του ίδιου του Φώτη από την εισαγωγή “The main thing I’m trying to say to people with this zine here is that it’s really easy and fun to get involved in HC and I urge people to be more than followers/ spectators. If you are too busy to do a band or a zine, try to help in some other way. HC needs you today!”

George Sk.
[Πηγή: Immigrant zine #2]

Take Your Shot #3

This is a Greek zine focused in “tough-guy” and straightedge hardcore mostly. Not my cup of tea but it was an interesting read anyway. The layout is simple black and white, .cut-and-paste style with many interviews and random thoughts from the author as well as the occasional record and zine reviews. Interviews with Break It Up, Crickbat, lcepick, the xSisterhoodx feminist collective and Disharmonic, a greek metalcore band (R.I.P). I got a bit tired from the authors’ thoughts cause he links everything in life with he music and attitude. I mean everything!!! But if this is his thing who am I to judge?…Riqht? Overall a nice effort!

[Πηγή: No Future (No Exit) #1]

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